Sunday, May 23


I followed their exact instructions. I added a new page. It did not seem to work right. I became suspicious when the new page was a clone of my Home page. I tried to get help from Blogger help. I got none. I tried to post questions in the help forum and saw hundreds of frustrated users with issues with blogger not being addressed. They "cannot answer questions directly" and DO NOT EVEN MODERATE THEIR OWN HELP FORUM. THANKS BLOGGER.
YOUR BROKEN "STAND ALONE" PAGE FEATURE MADE ME DELETE 2 YEARS OF WORK! I was just trying to change the layout of what was supposed to be a separate page.
I am furious with Blogger since my blog is virtually destroyed now. I will post every day about how incompetent and uncaring the folks at Blogger help are. I gave them a D- in my original feedback. "Help us make help better" Now you get a "F" for Fuck you.

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