Friday, July 22

Homelessness Part 7

Well I got a bicycle. Unfortunately the company I was hoping to work for is too slow. My old boss was very nice and semi-remembered me
(Think Mr. Burns and Homer Simpson)
Since the Triage Low Demand Shelter is only a 30 day program and I have not gotten a job, I have to leave soon and my choices are the Ft. Myers Rescue mission or St. Matthew's House in Naples Florida.
I have chosen St. Matthew's House. I am currently no. 26 on their waiting list.  There are simply no resources for the poor and homeless. We are unseen and out of sight, out of mind. Invisible. Just something to think about as the unemployment rate continues to rise above 10% in Florida and the republicans won't budge on raising taxes. We spend and spend on 2 wars no one will talk about, while killing NASA by ending the Space shuttle program with no new mission other than deep space on the books. We spend more on the troops Air conditioning than the entire NASA budget.
Our  priorities suck.

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