Thursday, July 14

Homelessness Part 6

At this point in my attempt to climb out the hole that is homelessness, I have given up any attempt to follow my career path of Technical Support or Customer Service.  The tenet of real estate holds true: Location, location, location.  I must have a job within the range of  foot or bicycle travel. A dear friend has acquired a used mountain bike for me. I have contacted an old boss of mine and coerced him into re-hiring me on a trial basis. I am going back into the cabinetry business simply because it is within range of the homeless shelter and downtown Fort Myers. It will be good to work with tangible things like wood (melamine particle board actually) instead of abstracts like call volume and call times. Although virtually all of the cabinet shops I had worked for in the past have gone the way of the dodo, due to the housing crash, this one shop has weathered  the economic ups and downs of the last 10 years.  I am 50 years old and out of shape, doing physical labor all day will be a challenge.  But I have a bike and (hopefully) a job. I am applying for my old position on Monday. Wish me luck and say a prayer. Next obstacle:  obtaining low income housing.

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