Friday, July 8

Homelessness Part 5

I am once again at the Triage Low Demand Shelter. The struggle to overcome such adversity is overwhelming. I am having health problems but cannot get medical attention. I cannot get Medicaid unless I am disabled. I seem to have a nerve disorder that causes me to shake and not always have control of my arms. I have had a few job offers but the issue is there is no way to get to their location by bus. I no longer have a bicycle. I am penniless. I have 21 days to figure something out or I will be at the Fort Myers Rescue Mission. This situation sucks, but I am very grateful to the Salvation Army for providing me food and shelter albeit temporarily.  I may qualify for another program but it is again only a 30 day program. This would be so much easier if only I was an addict or an alcoholic.... Then I could get into a halfway house and get back on my feet.  Posting will be rare as I only have public access to PC’s and must spend most of time applying for jobs I have no way to get to...

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