Friday, May 20


The Buzzcocks  - I need

It has been a long time since I last posted, Febuary in fact.
Things are not going as I had hoped they would.
I am currently homeless. It is not what you think. I have met many homeless Veterans. If you saw a pic of any of the people I have met you would never know they were homeless. They are the most positive people I have ever met. Many are suffering from alcohol and other addictions problems.
I am not. I have been clean for five years.
I need a job.  (Are you listening Mr. President???) 
I wish someone (besides me) would write a article about all the formerly middle class Americans that are now homeless as a result of our dying economy. The "experts" are saying the economy is growing again because banks are lending. They have bad data. They are unaware of how many people are living off the grid.  For the first few days at the Triage low demand homeless shelter I slept on a cot. I had access to bad food and a shower and slept with a bunch of drunks. We play card and dice games, read and smoke cigarettes. It was very much like Suncon. Without the alcohol. 
We go out each day to take care of medical issues and to look for work.
As I have done for 2 years with only 2 interviews.
I have applied for 13 jobs in 2 days with the only taker a nice gentleman who wanted me to do sales from my home. I had to advise him before he went too far that - I have no home.
Triage is a 30 day immediate needs shelter run by the Salvation Army.
There are no jobs and I have 3 weeks to find one before I am out on the street again.
I will post as I can as long as I can get public PC access.
Peace and Love to you all.



  1. I commented but I don't think it made it. So I will try again. I am sorry that you are now homeless and out of a job. Too bad that our Country takes care of other nations, but cannot afford to take care of you. I do not go to Church, but I pray every night. I will put you in my prayers, please don't give up.

  2. I'm not giving up. I have never been better.We are at our best when things are worst.
    At some point I will compile all my experiences and attemp to publish them. Thanks for your prayers.

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