Tuesday, May 24

Homelessness - The Archtypes

In my adventure in homelessness I have been wishing I could videodocument all I have experienced. Obviously I cannot do this as it would infringe upon the rights of others. I have met some really interesting characters.
The vet missing a foot.
The prostitute from Boston (I'm not a howar I'm a prostitute!!)
The high school alumni (Yes someone from Cypress Lake Senior High School class of '78 is also in the shelter with me. - Thank you Lee County Public School system)
The crack whore.
The Movie Star.
The Rock Star.
The formerly rich loving husband and wife.
The Millionaire.
The Vietnamese immigrant who does nails by day and plays classical piano by night.
These are real people I have come to know and love. All are homeless.
UPDATE: In my haste to post from the Public Library yesterday I negected some important Achtypes:
The (literally) Starving Artist.
The Athlete

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