Sunday, July 29

Should all churches be tax exempt?

Despite the name of this blog,
I am by no means a bible scholar or theologian.

Is Mormonism is a form Christianity and a valid religion? Some would say that all religions are cults.
Most evangelicals do not acknowledge the Church of  Latter Day Saints, as they do Judaism or other forms of Christianity.
Mormonism seems to me a relatively new schism designed to obscure the finances of a secret society.
(You may argue they all are)
It has little to do with scripture and the teachings of  Jesus.  The huge churches IMO are an offense to God. Churches should be humble; acquiring  real estate and wealth is  antithetical to Jesus's teachings.

The church of LDS holdings are incalculable. It's disgusting.
  Churches in our country are tax exempt, but I don't think the church of LDS deserves that exemption. Most churches don't, they are businesses, and should be taxed as such.

  Jesus would certainly rebuke todays churches:

Luke 18:23 (N.I.V.)

"Sell everything you have and
give to the poor, and you
will have treasure in
heaven. Then come, follow

I believe Jesus would like churches to have more garage sales and less bake sales.

I look forward to your comments.


Is this a church or a bank?


  1. ok. since when was a church required to be christian/jesus heavy...or even have any connection. Unitarian church doesn't count? buddhism, hinduism? All churches are after money or at the very least require money to pay the rent,and they have been since before jesus started kicking money lenders out.

    If you want to pick on a "church" that is very obviously solely about money, perhaps unworthy of tax exemption , is freaky and might want to take it up with L. Ron. One should take head of any "religion" that was created on a bet.

    All of that being one/no organization should be tax exempt.

  2. I am in agreement with you.
    The point that I guess I was trying to make, Is what is the criteria, for a church to have tax exempt status? I just used mormonism as a glaring example. I could've used catholic church or any other church that amasses wealth.

    Thank you so much for your comment.


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