Saturday, July 28

Back in the saddle again

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I'M BACK!!!!

I have not posted since Nov '11. The madness of homelessness and lack of daily internet access, made posting quite difficult and frankly, not a priority.

Then I got an android.
I debated whether or not I should acquire a laptop, but being essentially homeless, decided a smartphone could do the job and was less likely to be stolen.

I was using blogger and trying to maintain the site, but was spending my net time watching politics and tweeting. Due to health concerns I decided to give the politics a rest until sometime closer to the election.
The time is now

If this is your first time here: Welcome! Poke around the video links and give me feed back.

It will take time to get burningbush
back to it's former glory especially trying to do it all via 'Droid.

Your patience is appreciated.

stay tuned.

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  1. We just met on Twitter and I wanted to see for myself this Awesome blog of yours! :-) OF COURSE I LUV IT! Has a WEE BIT of everything. My recovery blog is a bit of a hard Topics, but it's the only way I CAN HELP many! I'll be back often! I'll look for ya on Google+ as well.
    *Author, Catherine Lyon* :-)


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