Wednesday, February 9

There once was a bitch from Wasilla

A commenter at C&L named botanybay
posted a comment titled  Limericks are grand.
He wrote the first line which I have modified to make less vulgar.
The challenge was to complete the limmerick. So I did. Here it is in all it's glory:

There once was a bitch from Wasilla
Who thought being VP would thill 'a
When she started to speak
we all laughed for a week
and now she's a TV moose killa.

Below Sarah endorses (pre-midterms)
all the assholes we got stuck with here in Florida
Gun Nutjob Alan West, And Gov. Healthcare Corporate Criminal Rick Scott
who is trashing the state daily with his greed and incompetence. 
No wonder Palin likes him.

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