Thursday, February 3

Is America is Pro-Democracy? Um no.

The U.S. likes to say "We are spreading democracy".
Makes you feel all patriotic and want to wave the little flag
that was made in China all around. It makes for great speeches.
But spreading manure is more accurate.
History shows (listen up Gingrich you might learn something),
the U.S. has a sordid history of installing, propping up,
providing arms and financial aide to dictatorships.
(Their Corporate masters tell them it's good business)
The canisters of tear gas Egyptian President Mubarak tossed at the protesters proudly said: Made in the U.S.A. (So we do manufacture some things here) We speak of human rights when we torture and have our own gulag in Cuba. (A detainee just died there after 8 years , without ever being charged) Democracies by definition do not do this.  I don't know what label
you want to call our current form of Government, but you can't call it a Democracy (or a Republic) anymore.
Here is a list of U.S. backed Dictators.
Below are 2 videos: US backed dictators parts 1 & 2
H/T to The Daily Show for the gas canister info.

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