Tuesday, July 13


West Palm Beach, FL - Today, Jeff Greene, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, launched a new television ad entitled: Family. The 30 second spot that will air across Florida focuses on Jeff being raised in a middle-class family by parents who instilled in him the importance of a good education, hard work and giving back. The ad also introduces voters to his own family, wife Mei Greene and son Malcolm Greene, and underscores his reasons for running for office.

As a husband, new father and successful businessman, Jeff wants to do what he can to make Florida prosper again - that's why he's running for the U.S. Senate. He won't sit by and do nothing while career politicians continue to look out for the special interests instead of the people of Florida. Unlike his opponents, Jeff won't take a single penny from special interests and will only be beholden to the people of Florida who elect him. Jeff will give Floridians a voice in Washington.

The latest Rasmussen Report of the Florida Senate Race, released July 8, 2010, found that in a three way race against the Independent and Republican challengers, Jeff Greene fares better than Kendrick Meek with Greene 18 percent over Meek at 15 percent. Greene, who was at 13 percent last month, now surpasses Meek in a three way race. Jeff is gaining momentum, while Kendrick Meek continues to lose support among voters and is unelectable.

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