Wednesday, June 16

Disappointment - Another Sell Out

Given the choice again between Obama/Biden vs McCain/Palin,
I'd again vote for Obama, but he's turning out to be another corporate whore/Dino.
Sell outs:
Health Care Industry
Industrial Military Complex
Big Oil
Big Banks
Big Pharma

His failure to fire Ken Salazar makes him complicit in Oil Crimes.
His failure to fire Timothy Geitner make him complicit in Bank Crimes.
His escalation of the War in Afghanistan makes him complicit in War Crimes.
Guantanamo is still open.
No public option.
He caved to Big Pharma.
This is not what I voted for.
He seems more concerned with pleasing the Right
than the Netroots progressives who elected him.
I heard him referred to as "The Black Jimmy Carter". Almost accurate except Carter wasn't a corporate whore. I always thought "The man" was white.
I was wrong.

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