Wednesday, June 3

Fox Criminal Network

It's been a while since I've posted, but something has been bothering me lately:
Nearly every commentator I see on Fox News Is a criminal, has a criminal record or should be in Jail. Below are a few examples.

Oliver North - Traitor
Karl Rove - Contempt of Congressional Subpoena
Dick Cheney - War Criminal
G Gordon Liddy - Watergate break-in mastermind and general asshole.
Newt Gingrich - Adulterer, Liar and Hypocrite.
Rush Limbaugh - Junkie and pedophile
Bill O'Reilly - Inciter of murder and general douchebag.
Sean Hannity - Just guilty of being a bully and a pussy.
(We are still waiting for you to be waterboarded , Sean you chickenshit chickenhawk!)

Keep it classy Fox News........

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  1. ray u get worst and worst wtf is wrong with uj everything u just posted is complete and absolute bullshit talk about abama the communist or polosi the trator and lesbian or frank tratior and destroyer of our democracy ordodd on admitted tratior what about them
    smarten up bubba
    ps and dont give me any bullshit about spelling deal w/ the content
    smarten up and appreciate what america has done & is still doing for u even tho u do nothing but whione about how bad th3e country is try to remember we're still feeding u something that u cant do for yourself......
    are u bitter because u cant stand on ur our 2 feet or because u feel inadaquade as a citizen? or because ur in denial about ur inabitity to measure up so feel its OK to whine about a system vof govt that feed u.
    so sad so verty sad.


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