Wednesday, June 10

Back to the future - Newt Gingrich

Is this really the best the GOP can come up with? A choice between Sarah Palin or Newt? I love how every republican History major I know has a very poor memory. During his recent speech at a GOP fundraiser, he made a point of saying he was "A citizen of the United States" and not a citizen of the world. He called this "Intellectual nonsense". This was an intentional stab at Obama but it failed. It simply showed the GOP still has the same Xenophobic tendencies that got us into 2 unneeded wars and pissed off the world. All Newt managed to do is slap Ronald Reagan who stated he was "a citizen of the world". Some historian that Newt. This is the same loser that divorced his first wife while she was recovering from cancer surgery, and had and affair on his second wife while going after Bill Clinton for his lying about the Lewinsky affair. Newt also had 84 ethics charges leveled at him including misuse of tax exempt funds. He paid the $300,000 for the cost of the investigation. A real class act that Newt. His outrage that Justice Sotomayor is a "Racist" is nonsense, her record proves otherwise. (Project much Newt?) I guess its easy to hate intellectuals when you are a moron with no ideas of your own and can only oppose and spew hate. Why the rightwing news outlets let this has been moron have any more air time is beyond me...but keep speaking Newtie..the hole your party is digging just gets deeper and deeper.

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  1. if anyone doesnt admit that solomyer is a racist they are a lieing or are retarded.
    all the violations against newt were unfounded in the final wash
    compairing newts intellect to nsolomyer is like compairing a md to a street whore.
    if you noticed over the last generation the eastern "Elite" ivy league universities have slowly poisoned our entire idology and demoralized,devalued and degenerated our great heritage
    Ray u dribble a lot of left wing bullshit but the bottom line is that u need a socialized govt because u need the hand outs, because u cant "soldier up" and support yourself. America was and probable still is the greatest domocracy ever on earth. stop the liberal puke u keep putting out.
    why dont u stand up like a man and join the great american body and contribute some thing to it or save up some money and pack a bag and go where u think its better oh oh oh I forgot there is no place better ....smarted up


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