This page is songs about: You guessed it, WAR!
The Call - The Walls Came Down
This song was way ahead of it's time.
Listen to the lyrics and apply them to today. (Click here)  From 1983  
I pulled the live version cuz the audio sucked. Use the link above.

I've posted this one before, Cake's clever cover of Black Sabbath's classic.
Cake - War Pigs

Country Joe Mcdonald (Country Joe and the Fish)
Just replace Vietnam with Afghanistan and commie with terrorist.
"The Vietnam Song"

Edwin Starr - War   What is it good for? War Profiteering!!

Not much of a video ( I may make one up myself) But what a song!
The Butthole Surfers - Jet Fighter

Green Day -21 Guns - from American Idiot

Nena'a 80's classic 99 Luft Balloons was a hit with it sung in German
and a hit in the US an UK with the English version. 8o's and thrash meet here.
Goldfinger - 99 Red Balloons

Mission Accomplished!! Actually no I'm going to create VideoWAR II.!!