The below viewer is for videos I created myself.  Some have been flagged so I can't embed or get them to play in a YouTube viewer. I am disputing this via the 1976 Fair Use Practices Act. Thanks WB/Sire records: I'm sure I hurt your bottom line by promoting your records. Now YouTube has informed me my latest Video: Vengeance(The Pact) may be owned by Sony/BMI music. Anyone who knows me personally knows there is a special place in my heart for my feelings towards Sony.. Besides, the song is owned by B.O.C. and I have met them 2x. I don't think they care.  
To Sony/BMI: "From the depths of Hell I spit at thee"

These below are from my YouTube Favorites Que ( I did not make these)

This is one I created but YouTube won't let me embed it. I'm proud of it.
YouTube is blocking this video from my custom player..
Iron Horse performing a cover of Metallica's "Ride the  Lightning",
and also what WB is going to do to me if I continue to make video's,
even if they fall under "Fair Use Practices" I made this video