Monday, August 3


I often hear folks complain that the immigration issue is one of the reasons our economy is in the toilet. Cheap labor hired by unscrupulous companies keep wages low and jobs unavailable to legal citizens. Some xenophobes speak of building a wall around our borders, or using militia to guard them. But there is a more insidious technique used by companies that no wall or border patrol can stop. All it requires is routing an 800 number to Manila or India or Singapore. It is known as Outsourcing. Outsourcing has caused the loss of more American jobs than all jobs lost to illegal immigration. Companies that thought this would help their bottom line jumped on the Outsourcing bandwagon. For Example: The Sony corporation once based it's technical support call center right here in Ft. Myers, Florida. Now those jobs are in India and Malaysia. Sony just posted it's first loss ever. As more and more consumer companies outsource, consumers are able to buy less and less of their products. Once again the bean counters in an effort to make the stockholders happy have shot themselves in the foot. Until we address this issue and penalize companies that outsource and reward companies that keep jobs in the U.S.
jobs will continue to be lost and wages will stay ridiculously low.
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